Junior Great Books Program          

Junior Great Books 2018-19


What is Junior Great Books (JGB) All About?

All the children at MRES are learning to be critical and creative thinkers. One of the many resources we use at MRES to foster these skills is Junior Great Books (JGB).


JGB uses classical children’s stories and timeless folktales from all over the world to help our children think for themselves. Through interpretive reading and discussion, the students are able to develop their ideas about the story and share those ideas with others. JGB stresses the enjoyment of literature for its own sake.


It’s a wonderful program that ALL the children love! We have heard,
·      “Are you coming back next week?”
·      “I wonder what the next story is going to be about.”
·      “I wish that we could do this all year long!”


Volunteers get benefits too:
·      Reading to their own student,
·      Getting to know their child’s teacher better, and
·      Meeting the other children that are in the classroom. Your child will befriend many of them for years to come!


It’s easy to help!
Once a week for 1-2 weeks, volunteers take a small group from the classroom for 30-45 minutes. They read one or two of the stories and use the teacher’s manual to lead the discussion. Then volunteers repeat until the whole class gets a chance to participate. Teachers divide the class into groups.


If you are interested in another classroom that already has a volunteer, then you can share with the other volunteer. Many classrooms have two (or three) volunteers!


Is any training available?

Each year, we hold one or two meetings to orient and train all volunteers.  The PTA program chair and returning volunteers assist new volunteers in learning how to effectively lead the small reading groups.  


This year’s volunteer meetings are scheduled for:


JGB Orientation and Training for All Volunteers

Thursday, September 27 at 9:30 am in SACC room 2


Tuesday, October 2 at 9:30 am in SACC room 2



Please contact JGB co-chair Lisa Kelso at lisa_kelso@me.com if you are interested in volunteering for this excellent PTA-sponsored program.


Learn more from the Great Books Foundation.