PTA Board Positions

The mission of the Marshall Road PTA is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. The PTA Board is made up volunteers who serve for one to two years. Officers may not fill the same position for more than 2 consecutive years. 


Board Member Descriptions

Per our bylaws, the Marshall Road PTA board is made up:

  • One (1) president 
  • Two (2) vice presidents
  • A secretary
  • One (1) treasurer 

All board members attend board meetings (6-8/year) and general membership meetings (6/year). 


President:  The president presides over board meetings and general membership meetings. The president maintains a relationship with the school administration by meeting with the principal before general membership meetings.  With the administration and with input from the board, the president plans the yearly PTA calendar. Create the budget with the treasurer. Other duties include: communicating needs and expectations to other board members and program chairs; co-creating and editing the weekly eNews; soliciting volunteers; assisting with programs and events when needed; other duties prescribed by the PTA Bylaws. The Virginia PTA has a president's checklist to help plan the year. Average time commitment: 15-20 hours/ month, but can be more or less depending on time of year. 


Vice Presidents: The 1st and 2nd Vice President manage programs and committees as needed and serve as back-up for the president. For 2017-19, one Vice President served as Membership Coordinator. Average time commitment: 4-6 hours / month, but can be more or less depending on time of year and projects selected.


Secretary: The secretary keeps a record of general membership meeting attendees and records the minutes during the meeting. Meeting minutes are shared for edits and uploaded to the website upon membership approval. Creates and maintains the calendar on the website, the monthly paper calendar for distribution in Tuesday folders, and posts event announcements to the PTA Facebook page. Submits PTA-related events to FCPS Community Use calendar. Average time commitment: 8-10 hours / month, but can be more or less depending on time of year. 


Treasurer:  The treasurer and president develop the budget during the summer. The treasurer manages the budget and finances of the PTA, keeping a full account of the receipts and expenditures during the year. The treasurer works closely with the president and program chairs and issues payments in a timely manner. The treasurer should be available to stop by the school office during business hours once a week and to go to the bank twice a month. A budget update needs to be prepared and presented at each PTA meeting. The treasurer assists with tax preparation and with the audit over the summer. The Virginia PTA has a treasurer's checklist to help plan the year. Average time commitment: 10-20 hours / month, but can be more or less depending on time of year. 


The following members of the 2018-19 PTA Board were elected by the membership on May 23 2018:


Anna Moore – President
We have been a part of the Marshall Road community since 2014 and couldn’t be happier. I would like to continue to serve as President of the PTA for the 2018-19 school year. My son will be in 5th grade and my daughter will be in 2nd. I am a native of Oakton, and have lived in North Carolina and California. Marshall Road is a wonderful school in a great town. The teachers, staff, and administrators truly care about the students and their families. In the past several years I have served Marshall Road and the PTA as Vice President, room parent, classroom volunteer, co-chair of the directory, and chair of school supply box orders.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Virginia and a master of public administration from North Carolina Central University. I have worn a number of hats – housing counselor, high school admissions director, mom and wife, and preschool teacher. I have worked as an Instructional Assistant and as a substitute teacher at Marshall Road. I am excited to serve the community as PTA President.


Amanda DuFrayne – 1st Vice President
My family joined the MRES community when our older daughter started kindergarten in 2016 year and, with a 3-year-old daughter right behind her, we will be part of MRES for many years to come. I want to serve on the Board to be more involved in the great work the PTA does to make MRES a terrific place for our kids and our community. My goal is to make being involved in the PTA less daunting as we all work to juggle the demands of busy schedules, and very much look forward to working with as many members of this community as I can!

I’m a Florida native, went to school in Chicago, and moved to the DC area right after graduation to start working for the federal government. We took a break from the Beltway to live in Kentucky for a few years, but love this area so much that we came back in 2012 and settled in Vienna. My husband and I are the proud parents of two beautiful girls, and share our home with two goofy dogs.


Melissa (Mel) Keppel – 2nd Vice President
I’m thrilled to join a talented and dedicated group of volunteers this year on the PTA Board! I’ve lived in Vienna for four years and am essentially a NOVA-native as I moved here in 1978 when I was in elementary school (yikes – I’m getting old). I attended undergrad and law school in Virginia as well. I have a daughter entering 2nd grade this year and a son in the 5th grade at Mosby Woods. When we joined the MRES community in 2014, I felt welcomed and encouraged to participate in school activities, and so we did. From the Runathon to Family Fun Nights to before-school enrichment activities, my family has reaped the benefits of our vital PTA. So when I was asked “Will you…,” I (eventually) replied “yes.”

As one of your PTA vice presidents, I will work to create and nurture collaborative relationships among our parents, teachers, staff, and administrators so we can all work together to ensure our kids experience success and happiness in their school days. We’ll need to put many heads and hands together to accomplish this so I will be that vocal board member that asks you how you will lend your time and skills to help. Your Payoff: It’s fun to spy on your kids at school and they LOVE it when they catch you in the act of decorating the gym for a dance or setting up a class party — there are so many ways to be engaged and have fun doing it! So I hope you will say “yes” too.


Laura Parker – Treasurer
I look forward to continuing to serve the MRES community as PTA Treasurer. Born and raised in Central New York, I have a degree in chemistry and manage technology research and development programs for the federal government. In this capacity, I have experience in budgeting, planning, and communicating strategies for long-term programs.  I have been part of the MRES community since my daughter started kindergarten here; she will be a 4th grader in 2018-19.


Helen Lee – Secretary
I am thrilled to serve once again as Secretary of the MRES PTA through the 2018-19 school year. My son, who will be a first grader at MRES this academic year, has grown into a lovely little gentleman this past year, thanks to the wonderful teachers and nurturing environment at MRES. We came to the Vienna/Fairfax area 5+ years ago and stayed because we found it to be a wonderful place to raise a family. Prior to that, I came to DC for law school, studied art history in undergrad in New York City, and spent my youth in South Florida (where I was born and raised). I currently work as a government attorney for the Federal Government and, along with my husband, continuously strive to seek the optimal balance between full-time jobs and raising our two beautiful children. I am excited for the opportunity to serve the MRES community yet again and hope to give back to it as much as I know I will receive from it.



Want to know more about the PTA and available opportunities? Contact us! 

Anna Moore:  President
Amanda DuFrayne: 1st Vice President
Mel Keppel: 2nd Vice President
Laura Parker: Treasurer
Helen Lee: Secretary