Spanish: Level II


This is the next class in the Spanish sequence. This class is appropriate for students who have some basic Spanish skills. They could have obtained these skills from taking (one or both terms of) Spanish I last year or from elsewhere (e.g., having exposure to Spanish at home, etc.). The FCPS instructor will use a variety of fun activities such as songs, word search, coloring, writing words, and crafts to teach the children Spanish. The program is primarily oral. The basic goal is simple communication related to the child’s experience and exposure to the Spanish language and culture. There is no homework, but children are encouraged to practice what’s been learned throughout the week.


Class Details

Class Dates: The class will consist of 16 sessions (Tuesdays and Thursdays ). The first session will be Tuesday, October 2nd, and the last session will be Thursday, November, 29th. 


Dates with No Class: There will not be a class session on Tuesday, Nov 6th or on Thursday, Nov 22nd.


Class Meeting Time: Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15-9:15 am.


Location: The Pod (the area outside of the kindergarten classrooms)


Grades: 2nd- 6th


Cost of the Class: $150.00



Registration is now closed. 



Scholarships: To find out if you qualify for a scholarship for this course, please contact Karlen McClain in the front office at no later than September 26th.




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