Teacher Grant Requests

The Marshall Road PTA has two programs designed to specifically support and thank teachers and staff – in addition to the breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, classroom fund gift cards, and Teacher Appreciation Week.  These two grant programs are unique benefits of PTA membership, so teachers and staff should be sure they have remembered to officially join the PTA as a member before applying to these programs.


The Teacher Professional Development Grant program assists specifically teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills for working with students by encouraging and financially supporting their attendance at relevant conferences, workshops, and seminars.  Part or all of the registration fees for professional development opportunities may be funded by the PTA, but we do not fund transportation or lodging.  Please contact the PTA Board at president@marshallroadpta.org to request financial support and provide a statement that addresses the questions below.


The Teacher/Staff Project Grant program is also designed to further support classroom and school needs.  The PTA knows that there are activities, supplies, and educational materials that would enhance and further enrich our children’s learning, yet they are often too costly to ask parents and/or teachers to supplement.  Additionally, it may not be in the school budget to honor a particular request, perhaps for equipment or furniture.  To assist at these times, the PTA has set aside money in a fund to help with these special grant requests; the PTA Board will review the request and determine if it can be granted, and to what degree.  Both teachers and staff are eligible to apply.  Please contact the PTA Board at president@marshallroadpta.org to request financial support and provide a statement that addresses the questions below.


Grant requests should provide a beneficial impact to a wide range of students (e.g., an entire grade, multiple grades, the whole school) and a long-term or sustainable benefit to the school.  The PTA only puts a specified amount of money into these grant programs each year. When the money is gone for that academic year, it is not possible to replenish the fund: first come, first served. There is approximately $2,500 in the Teacher Professional Development Grant fund and $750 in the Teacher/Staff Project Grant fund at this time.


Teachers and Staff – To apply, please put your grant request in writing

(to president@marshallroadpta.org) and include:

  •           Your Name
  •           Program or Grade Level(s) taught, if applicable
  •           E-mail Address

You will need to specifically address (1-2 sentences will suffice for each question):

1.  What are you going to purchase or do with the grant money?

2.  Which students will this benefit?

3.  How will students benefit from this grant?

4.  How will this provide a long-term benefit to the school and/or students?

5.  What is the amount of funding you are requesting?


Examples of Teacher Professional Development Grant requests that have been approved in previous years include half- and one-day workshops on Responsive Classroom techniques, math skills coaching, literacy development, and the Positivity Project initiative.  Grants have also been approved for week-long summer training courses designed to improve efforts in teaching reading or writing.

Examples of Teacher/Staff Project Grant requests that have been approved in previous years include:

  • Ms. Kinsey and Mr. Woodard requested a grant for supplies for a new Mural Project in the POD. They formed a Mural Club for 4th-6th graders, with students staying after school to work with the art teachers on designing and painting a creative new mural. Estimated cost $400. 
  • Ms. Heflin and the Kindergarten team requested a new binding machine for school staff use. The new electronic binding machine saves teachers, aides and volunteers valuable time as it binds a greater number of pages.
  • The PE Department requested a grant for audio supplies. They requested a wireless speaker system with 2 microphones to wear during gym class, which enables students to better hear them and also enhances safety. Estimated cost $590. 
  • Mr. Zhang requested a grant to provide every member of the Responsive Classroom Committee with an RC manual, allowing for more effective discussion and implementation of RC principles throughout school.  Estimated cost $225.  
  • Mr. Clancy requested a grant to purchase two megaphones for use in gym classes, Fitness Warriors, and outdoor fun run/sprint activities so that students can better hear instructions.  Estimated cost $125.  
  • Ms. Mazur requested a grant to purchase 4 electric tuners for guitars for use with Pix & Stix participants for their aural training in how to discern when their instruments are out of tune and how to get them back in tune.  Estimated cost $50.